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I’ve emptied most of my bucket list and enjoy life every single day. I’ve visited 48 states, backpacked across eastern Europe, seen the UK, climbed mountains, walked deserts, camped in wildernesses and lived my life to the fullest. I’ve been wealthy and I’ve been broke. I’ve owned my own plane and had my car repossessed and home foreclosed on. I have few regrets and wouldn’t change a thing. My biggest accomplishment was convincing my wonderful wife and high school sweetheart to merry me, and raising our three wonderful children.

Our Story

Greg and Amy met in 1989 when they worked at Pizza Hut delivery in Gastonia, NC, where Greg was a delivery driver and Amy took and made the orders. The couple dated for a year before breaking up and going to college. a couple years later they reunited and were married shortly after. Together, they raised three wonderful children through good times and hard. They have been married for 27 years and continue to hold hands, kiss, dance spontaneously and show every sign of true love. 

Writing Career

Greg has enjoyed creative writing since high school and had his first articles published in the school newspaper. His first paid sale was for Garden Railways Magazine in 1998. Later he wrote a real estate investment course that sold throughout the US and Canada. However, Black Friday – An American Jihad was his first attempt at a complete book. Black Friday will be available in the summer of 2019 and is already receiving excellent reviews from advance readers.

Greg J. Gardner - Eccentric

Eccentric to the extreme, Greg enjoys dressing up, acting out and “enjoying every moment of life to the fullest.” His wife says she has put up with more than a few “hair brained and crazy ideas” from her husband, but says she wouldn’t change it for the world. Not only have they been married for 27 years, Greg and Amy work together almost every day and say it makes their marriage stronger.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Greg J. Gardner's grandson ZebBesides travel with his wife, Greg’s favorite activities surround his grandson and ways to enjoy time with him. “You can only play so many kids games and watch only so many cartoons.” Greg enjoys spending time with his grandson doing things they both enjoy; riding their live steam train, building a full size Piper Cub airplane and working on cars.

Together, they have build a 1.5″ Scale live steam track in the back yard and added a gas-powered diesel switcher engine that Zeb can run by himself. They have also started construction of a full size Piper Cub aircraft which should be flying, shortly after the publication of Black Friday – An American Jihad

Black Friday – An American Jihad

“Black Friday was inspired by the events of 9/11 and America’s constant war on terror.” It’s the story of a coordinated terror attack on America’s busiest shopping day; Black Friday. It takes place across the country in busy stores, packed with happy holiday shoppers. The blitz-style attacks take thousands of lives across the country and continues far beyond Black Friday.

“[Black Friday] was emotionally draining to write. It’s not a feel-good story with a happy ending. With an attack like this, no outcome will be a ‘happy’ one and we can only hope for the best.

The novella takes the reader on a docu-novel-style ride through the worst terror attack America has every withstood. Without a main character, the reader is left to identify with victims, reporters, first-responders and witnesses. Unlike traditional stories, Black Friday follows the flow of events rather than a protagonist, heroine, or hero. We can see events as they unfold rather than as a character might interpret. We have to watch the raw and unfiltered brutality of what could happen, what indeed has happened in other parts of the world.

Future Writing

Greg has already begun his next novel, a behemoth undertaking that began 15 years ago, a story that follows Pilatus Augustus Palermo through more than 2000 years of savagery and redemption. Greg is remaining tight-lipped but says “It’s the best thing I’ve ever written.


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