Dean Koontz – Jane Hawk

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz brings Jane Hawk’s one-woman war to an explosive climax as the rogue FBI agent wages her final battle against a terrifying conspiracy–for vengeance, for justice, and for humanity’s freedom.  Don’t be fooled by every single previous installment which makes us all think he just can’t get any better.

He did!

Koontz has kept the runaway freightrain going full steam ahead with this finale to the Jane Hawk saga. Perhaps it is a bit of a misnomer to label Koontz only a horror writer!  What he can do with a character like Jane Hawk is second only to what Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan could do with a guitar! Hawk is once again fiction’s most resourceful, relentless and stunning heroine.  We will miss her if this is truly her last novel!

Dean Koontz - Jane Hawk
Dean Koontz – Jane Hawk

Groundbreaking, completely overwhelming, eerily foreshadowing and foreboding at the same time, and terrifyingly topical, Dean Koontz’s Jane Hawk series sets a new standard for modern day thrillers. The roller coaster ride journey we have been on since book one with Jane Hawk continues down a final descent of terror in The Night Window.

Since her sensational debut in The Silent Corner, readers have been riveted by Jane Hawk’s determined quest to take down the influential architects of an accelerating operation to control every level of society via an zombie-like army of mind-altered people.  Could a pharmaceutical really do this?

At first, only Jane alone stood against the “Arcadian” conspirators, but slowly others have emerged to stand with her no matter the cost, even as there are odiously troubling signs that the “adjusted” people are beginning to spin viciously out of control as well. 

Think JAWS just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

Now, in the thrilling, climactic showdown that will decide America’s future, Jane will require all her resources–and more–as she confronts those at the malevolent, impregnable center of a dark and determined power.

If you worry that this prophetic novel is more forewarning than fiction don’t waste one second before grabbing a copy and reading.

In the fifth installment of an ongoing story (The Forbidden Door, 2018, etc.), wrongly dishonored FBI agent Jane Hawk faces her worst fear in her lonely fight against an evil male conspiracy embedded in the halls of power: the abduction of her son, Travis.  Male and female readers alike were both horrified and drawn in by the real life terror of losing a child.  Nobody is immune to such a thing!

The ruthless enemy, called the Techno Arcadians, have been robbing people of their memories and their identities with tiny nanotech implants and turning many of them into robotic servants and mindless sex slaves.  If you thought for one second you didn’t need to immediately add this to your summer reading list think again!

To keep Travis safe while she goes after the Techno Arcadians, doing all she can to effectively and routinely evade their ultra-sophisticated surveillance systems, Hawk has hidden Travis with friends in Arizona. 

Ever beautiful, brilliant, and supertough, she gains a valuable running partner in lovable pal Vikram Rangnekar, a recently resigned FBI employee who has acquired a pile of government secrets with his “back door” hacking skills. A techie is a great spin to this saga!

While the team pursues the baddies, Jane in her latest disguise, the billionaire behind the conspiracy hunts a young filmmaker he has enticed to his Colorado spread for sport, à la “The Most Dangerous Game,” only on snowmobiles. The crowded plot also features an Arcadian “missionary for the truth of random cruelty” who is after Vikram and a mob-connected misfit who has his own reasons for going after Hawk’s son,Travis. 

The book could stand to lose one of its narratives (and stay more focused on Hawk), and Koontz tends to take too long to do something with a plot point. But this is still the best installment in the series since the first. 

Vikram, who has an impossible crush on the amazing Hawk, is a very good addition to the plot, however. And there are some neat gadgets to ponder, including camera-operated facial recognition eyeglasses (though the book contradicts itself on how quickly they can establish a match).  Nevertheless, the techie will get a side thrill out of the technology that Koontz has woven into the story line.

Just when it seemed like Koontz had run out of gas with this quickly knocked-out road series (it debuted with The Silent Corner in 2017), he revs it up all over with entertaining encounters and typical Koontz style offbeat humor.

What a tight twisting stunner of a finale! Book 5, the conclusion in the Jane Hawk series was inarguably the best Koontz installment yet.  Don’t get me wrong–I really enjoyed the previous installments–and couldn’t wait for the next. Finishing one was like ending a great meal only to realize you are still hungry and there isn’t any dessert!  This book doesn’t disappoint or leave one aching for another serving. It leaves you breathless, spent, with a major book hangover.

Never again will I complain when one part of a book series is over.  While I was thirsting for more Jane Hawk a part of me was glad she had a moment’s rest since the last episode.

The Night Window is a great ending to a story that has kept me on the edge of my seat for two solid years.  

I only wish Koontz could have written them faster!

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