The Fear of Success Phobia 

It may seem odd to think someone could be afraid of success, but it’s more common than many may believe and I only just realized I may be suffering from Achievemephobia.

I’ve owned successful businesses. I’ve published my book. I’ve been hapily married for twenty-seven years. How could I suffer from a fear of success?

Fear of success is easy to miss, because it can look a lot like garden-variety procrastination and I’ve been procrastinating on my latest novel. I’ve been doing anything (including writing this blog post) to avoid continued work on Golgotha – Curse of the Crucifixion.

Recognize your Fear in Order to Concur it

It’s easy to shrug fear of success off by saying “I’m just procrastinating” and never bother to look closer.  Maybe they are the real problems, of course – and maybe they’re not.  One thing is for sure:  Procrastination is hard to stop if it’s not ‘just’ procrastination.

Fear is a powerful emotion and if you are experiencing the extreme fear of success, then there is probably nothing holding you back more in life. While the fear of success phobia (Achievemephobia) may seem weird to many; it is actually a very real social phobia. It can make things difficult for the phobic: from getting hired, messing up one’s relationships to making him/her a prisoner in this situation.

The fear of success phobia is very much like the fear of failure: both prevent the sufferer from dreaming and achieving his goals. It might seem weird to fear success; after all what can be more appealing in life than it? However, a little bit of digging in the phobic’s mind shows that fearing success is natural to him, simply because he is not looking for any change. He is so comfortable in his current situation that he wants to continue to live the life despite hating it. Often, the individual might be afraid of success owing to the fear of inability to handle fame or wealth it brings.

Maybe I don’t suffer from Achievemephobia, but I have been putting off work on the new novel and that stops TODAY! Renovating the house can wait. The “next blog post” can wait. Walking 10,000 steps can wait. Everything will be put aside for at least one hour, so I can focus on my novel.

We can all do that. Whether it’s writing a book, working out, or achieving any other goal you set, we will never reach our goals if we don’t take the time to put forth enough effort.

Now excuse me, while I get some writing done.

Greg J. Gardner

Greg J. Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad
“Never give up on your dreams, or they will give up on you.”

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