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Before you pick up Black Friday and start reading, go to the grocery and the bank.  Clean your guns.  Check your ammo reserves.

I guarantee once you finish reading this book you will think twice before getting in a car or going to a store again!

There may not be a right way or a wrong way to tell a story.  Certainly any author who is going to self-publish a work of fiction has the opportunity to tell their story any way they want.  The author doesn’t miss any opportunity to point out weaknesses in the system or weaknesses in people for that matter. Black Friday shows the best and the worst in people.  And the best and the worst in a system designed to protect us.

Think Trump wants to build a wall now?  As soon as he reads Black Friday he will be seeking volunteers!  There is no clear way to prevent an event like this story from unfolding.  Perhaps that is the most terrifying part of all.

Even 9/11 was possible because of breakdowns where people without proper IDs were allowed on planes or scrambled military aircraft were sent in the wrong direction.  The events that take place in Black Friday not only don’t happen because of failures in our system, they succeed because of the systems we have in place!

I don’t like this story at all.  Let me be clear. It scares the piss out of me. I don’t like how the people by and large behave.  I don’t like how the police are hesitant to resolve conflicts.  I don’t like how the masses react and turn on each other.  Yet even that is carefully architected by the mastermind of this terrorist plot. I don’t like this story because it is all too real and all too probable.  And I don’t think if everyone in the country read it that would prevent the events from unfolding.

True, you can’t fix stupid.  But you also can’t fix a system that can be so easily manipulated as to help increase the effects of the attacks it is trying to prevent.  Not until it happens.  It took 9/11 to improve security in airports.  What will we do to increase the security in our local groceries and gas stations after reading Black Friday?

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