Black Friday Review

Was 9/11 an inside job?  Is terrorism still brewing inside the US borders?  Were there really weapons of mass destruction?

Black Friday absolutely doesn’t answer any of these questions.

And it doesn’t need to.  What we learn as we follow a veritable plethora of characters through the bloody rampage of what looks like home grown terrorism on a massive scale is that knowing who hates you is of very little value if you don’t know what they are planning to do.

I hope Gardner doesn’t end up in jail if something like the events of Black Friday ever take place in this country but the web he weaves of hatred and death and destruction and the implications around the country are fear-striking enough that anyone who ever gets in a car or goes shopping or sets foot outside their home should read and take heed.

While many authors have to step into the shoes of a main character to voice the awe and despair that the events of this book deliver, Greg Gardner has managed to tell you with the authority of Walter Cronkite and the unemotional reporting of a junior reporter just how terrifying terrorism can be.  As quickly as the events spread across the country we witness them from drones and police officers and cashiers and every day citizens. And not one misses the mark in delivering bone chilling details.

Just when you think there is safety in numbers, Gardner shatters that myth as well.  Just when you think an armed citizenry can fend off any attack, Gardner shows that the right to bear arms is only as good as the arms that bear the guns.

Don’t plan on reading a few pages and putting this book down. Find a comfortable seat and get ready to get the shit scared right out of you.

Shane Bryant – Gastonia, NC

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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