Black Friday Review

It took my friend, Greg Gardner, a lot of balls to write a story like Black Friday.  And even larger one’s to self-publish it under his own name.

While the story offends me on so many levels, Greg’s no nonsense reporting of the de-evolution of our society when it comes under attack is too real and too possible not to read.  From the senseless and unemotional slaughter of women and children to the well-planned use of our own reporting and emergency airwaves to prevent capture, everything about Black Friday is going to make you angry.  Not angry because it happened.  And not angry because it could happen.  But angry because it is senseless for anyone to hate us the way these terrorists do.

If you are looking for a great, lazy, sit-by-the-pool-sipping-cocktails read then save Black Friday for another day.  You will want to be in your house in front of a warm fire and surrounded by the people you love or you will just plain be too terrified to leave the house again.  Ever.

Black Friday may not be the most elegant prose you ever read but it will be the most authentic look at what hatred can do to people and what people who hate can do to a nation.

Chris Grier
Retired Teacher
Spartanburg, SC

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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