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Nobody likes to buy a thriller only to be let down page after page, chapter after chapter by the lack of thrill or the predictability as they turn the pages.  I believe Greg Gardner understands this as an avid reader and has taken this understanding to carefully craft the story lines and pages of Black Friday.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are fascinated by terrorism or frightened by it.  It is not possible to read Black Friday without seeing your own local Walmart or hardware store or quiet park shattered by the events taking place.  Chances are very good that you will resonate so closely with one of the characters somewhere in the story that you won’t be able to help but put yourself in their shoes and try to think what you would have done differently.

I caution you, however, this isn’t the kind of read where you get the orgasmic thrill of an adrenaline rush followed by the relief of a little snugglie down time between climaxes.  This thrill ride is going pretty much non-stop from the first moment to the last.

It will be hard to fathom that Greg Gardner hasn’t spent some time in a newsroom at CNN or a helicopter reporting a story, or as a drone pilot getting coverage of an event while you are reading.

So don’t expect to get a break while you are reading Black Friday. If you don’t put the book down, you will remain on a roller coaster with as many dips and curves as summits and peaks.  But the adrenaline rush will be worth it.  You will be proud to be an American and fearful to be a citizen all at the same time.  There won’t be a final battle that makes you feel like things are all better now any more than there has been a final battle in the war on terror to make us feel like we are winning.

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