Black Friday Review

When Greg first approached me to pre-read this book, I was both pleased as a friend and worried as someone who has known the guy since our school years. He wasn’t a very motivated student and his sense of humor made him one of my mother’s least favorite of my friends!

However by the time I had digested just the first few lines I was equally enthralled and terrified.

Greg takes the reader on a harrowing countrywide journey through terrorism at its best or worst depending on your point of view.  For anyone who believes it could never again happen in America this is a must read.  If you spent more than five seconds on 9/11 grateful you were in a small town or softer than soft target this is a must read.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this book is self-published because no publishing house wanted it. Greg Gardner sought and found the freedom to tell his story his way and if it doesn’t scare the pants off you and make you an official prepper then check your pulse and your reading retention skills.

Forget about blood and gore and get ready to be truly troubled by how far the government will have to go to protect the citizens.  Never before has an author examined the repercussions of terrorism as Gardner does.  Never again will you take anything for granted.

Unlike most attacks this story doesn’t unfold over hours but weeks.  How long will you last after Bloody Friday?

Lock the doors, grab a good drink and a cigar and follow the country on a bloody trail that will leave scars for eons to come.  Just when you think it is safe and the reign of terror is over, the author will scare you again with the unanswerable questions of what’s next for America.  Whether this story comes true this year or some distant time in the future know that the hatred of the infidels is alive and well today.

Shannan Hearne

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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