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Over the last thirty years, many careers have crossed my path but only one holds true throughout; serial entrepreneur. Having operated a successful sign company since 1998, I’ve have opportunities to explore additional interests with moderate success, from barista to contractor and hospitality.

After creating signs for a real estate investor in the late 1990s, me and my wife became exited about renovating houses and began buying, with other people’s money because we didn’t have much of our own. Our first house was a quick flip and we moved on to renovating and then to renting, even continuing to own property through the market crash in 2008.

After finding out our local coffee shop was closing and the owners moving, we became baristas overnight and operated a coffee shop in Lake Wylie, SC for several years. This was never a financial success but was satisfying and a lot of fun.

After closing the coffee shop and deciding to relocate to the mountains of North Carolina, we opened Banner Haven Bed and Breakfast, a six bedroom, six bath bed and breakfast in Banner Elk, where we still live today.

During all these years and businesses, we have continued operating the sign business and recently began renovating houses again, but writing has always been a passion, albeit not a profitable one.

I’ve written articles for Garden Railways Magazine and other train-related publications; mostly how-to articles about building scale models and train layouts. I’ve even done some writing about live steam model trains and their operation. These musings have been posted online in various forums and topics.

I’ve ghost written real estate investment courses and collaborated on a book for bartering and trading. I’ve sold and taught real estate investing courses from coast to coast and even in Canada, but the idea for a novel has bounced around my head since 2001.

After the September 11th terrorist attacks, I thought about how easy it would be for terrorists to attack the heart of America; small towns like Boone, North Carolina and Barnwell South Carolina. This was the birth of Black Friday – An American Jihad.

Now my second novel, Golgotha – Curse of the Crucifixion is underway and several agents have expressed interest in representing me.

From the humble beginnings of borrowing $5000 from my mother to start a sign company, to a business the operates in 46 states and handles marketing for a multinational company; me and my wife have struggled to create something from nothing and succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

From 500-word how-to articles on building model trains, to an 80,000 word novel published and available in bookstores and online; I have worked to create something from nothing and again succeeded beyond my dreams.

My dreams have come true not because I am lucky. My dreams have come true because I refuse to take “No.” for an answer. I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit. I refuse to stop. I make my dreams come true and there is no difference between me and anyone else in the world, except the desire to succeed and the willingness to do whatever has to be done to get where I want to go.

Greg J. Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad
“Never give up on your dreams, or they will give up on you.”

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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