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It’s no big deal for Stephen King to get fan mail. Anything he gets would be only one of hundreds received every day. Fan mail is common place for well know authors and they’re used to it. Breakout authors are different and even King, Koontz, and Paterson were excited about that first piece of fan mail that arrived in their mailbox.

Today was that day for me, when a Facebook friend sent this:

It’s so true. Where do writers get their inspirations? Many, including myself, pull from what we know; memories, experiences, friends, and family. The same is true for comedians, performance actors, and many more.

Thanks Ginger. This will always hold a special place in my heart and on my wall. Photos will be posted, when my writing studio is completed and a desk is in place.

Greg J. Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad
“Never give up on your dreams, or they will give up on you.”

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