Who is your favorite writer?

Stephen King is my most inspiring author and I’ve read more of his books than anyone else, but I enjoy reading many other writers, genres and styles. It’s tough to pick just one or narrow my preferences so far that only one writer would remain.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite single book would be either Strangers, by Dean Koontz or 11/22/63, by Stephen King and that would be a toss up, but if we can expand the question to a series of books, the answer becomes easy; Stephen King’s Gunslinger Books. I honestly don’t know how many times I have read or listened to those books, easily 10-15 times each.

How did you decide to write your first book?

I was spending a lot of time in Maine growing marijuana and free time was abundant, so I thought it would be easy to bang out a book. But, several months later I was taking regular breaks from Black Friday because it was such an emotional roller coaster and it was not as easy as I thought. Once I was back in Norther Carolina and working full time again, it was even harder. I had to dedicate a couple of hours each day to writing. No matter what else got in the way, I took SOME time to write every day, until the book was complete and submitted to an editor.

How did you choose an editor?

Searching for “Book Editors” in Google creates quite the list and I began contacting the ones that offered free samples, and a few that didn’t. I submitted a few pages for their review or asked if they would provide a sample edit of a couple pages. I found one that suited my needs, but every writer has to pick their own. It has to be someone you trust and doesn’t have to be a company. It can also be a trusted friend or family member.

Why did you choose self-publishing?

Because no one wanted to write a six-figure advance for my book. [laughing]¬†Actually, there was an offer from a small publisher in the mid-west but they wanted to own the book and pay pennies for each copy. I decided self-publishing would provide the most control over the book. Of course, it takes the most work, but also makes the most money and I’ve discovered some authors make more money self-publishing than going the traditional way. It certainly suited what I was looking for.

Where do your stories come from?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I’m not I actually know the answer. The ideas seem to just form in my head. That’s the easy part. I get an idea for a book about “the most prolific serial killer in America.” Now what is the story to go along with it. That’s the hard part and I’m not sure where that comes from? I don’t feel comfortable taking credit for my writing. Instead, it seems to come from somewhere else. The story already exists. I’m just allowing it to flow through me and onto paper. I’m not sure that will make sense to everyone but it’s the way I feel.

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