Black Friday

While it augurs an effect on the United States more eerie than a prolonged nightmare, Black Friday sets forth in convincing detail what a small enclave of Islamic extremists could do to bring about the collapse of the American ideal. Indeed, in this breakout novel by Greg Gardner, a cadre of terrorists brings about a transformation in this country that no one now anticipates. And yet, Gardner’s narrative of unfolding horrors is neither a condemnation of Islam nor anthem to America’s virtues. It is a play-by-play through a harrowing month in the tribulation of ordinary people who comprise the bedrock of America during the course of a continuing nationwide atrocity. Gripping, engrossing, and graphic without being grotesque, I can argue that Black Friday is precisely what would happen, from the White House to the newsrooms across the continent to the back roads around every town, when a few dozen well-trained, well-coordinated, and determined fanatics do what, in their perverse minds, God demands of them.

David A. Woodbury, author of Tales to Warm Your Mind: Ten Whimsically Morbid Short Stories, The Clover Street News, Fire, Wind & Yesterday: A Tale of Ukraine and Khazaria, and Babie Nayms: [Baby Names])

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