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Holly Gibney, a character we all loved from the Mr. Mercedes books who also made an appearance in The Outsider, is getting a book of her own with Stephen King‘s newest novel, If It Bleeds!  Anyone who enjoyed Holly’s awkward self should be excited to see the character spread her wings and take on a book of her own!

As reported by Lilja’s Library, King himself announced the upcoming book at the annual Worldplay Festival in Minneapolis over the weekend, a three-day event celebrating books, the people who write them, and the people who read them.  Imagine, if you will, an entire weekend full of famous authors and celebrated books; a weekend of readings, conversations, workshops, kids’ activities, demonstrations, and one-of-a-kind happenings with outdoor stages, cooking stages, book signings, quiet reading corners, wildly boisterous parties, food trucks, beer tents and of course BOOKS.

The announcement from King declares that Gibney will be the book’s main character.

Expect If It Bleeds in 2020!  And if you are like me, you are already planning to attend Loft’s Wordplay in 2020!

One of the best and most interesting (perhaps even intriguing) Stephen King characters in recent years is Holly Gibney, the socially awkward and eccentric young woman who becomes Bill Hodges’ protege in the Mr. Mercedes trilogy (also known as Stephen King Does Detective Stories For Dads) and reappears as a crucial figure in last year’s The Outsider. Holly’s return was a super pleasant surprise for this constant reader; she’s brilliant and tough without ever falling into the reductive “strong female character” trap, and she struggles with mental health issues and loss in ways that are poignant, pointed, and extremely relatable. Who doesn’t get caught up in a character that is totally relatable?  I love Holly Gibney – which is why I’m thrilled to learn that Holly Gibney is the main character in an upcoming King novel titled If You Bleed, set to hit shelves in 2020. According to the Lilja’s Library blog, King announced the new novel at the Wordplay literary festival in Minneapolis this past weekend during a chat with fellow author Benjamin Percy. 

And… that’s about all we know at this point. King didn’t share any plot details for If You Bleed (which is a pretty dope title), only revealing that Holly will be the book’s central protagonist – and honestly, that’s enough to get me standing in line for it. Following the events of the Mr. Mercedes trilogy, Holly took over the Finders Keepers private investigation agency. In The Outsider, Holly’s nascent detective skills have fully blossomed; she’s become a more confident investigator without losing the eccentricities that make her Holly. Presumably, If You Bleed will follow Holly as she tackles another dark and challenging case, this time as the lead investigator. I can’t wait to read all about it. 

In the meantime, King’s next novel, The Institute, will hit shelves this September 2019. 

Have you ever put down a book and thought oh if that main character could join forces with the guy from this other book and then they both do battle with the bad guy from still another book?

It would be almost like the Fantasy Football version of reading.  I have to admit to sometimes writing in my mind at least these very kinds of things.  Stephen King is doing it for us with the upcoming If It Bleeds featuring Holly Gibney who made appearances in both the Mr. Mercedes Trilogy and The Outsider.  This character I enjoyed reading about so much continues to grow in popularity and also obviously in depth for author Stephen King since she is finally getting a story of her own!  

We may have to wait until 2020 to see what Holly has been up to as the proud new owner of her own detective agency but I don’t think we will be disappointed that we did!

Keep on writing, dear Mr. King!  

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