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It’s obvious I don’t have as much to offer as Stephen King in his book titles “On Writing”, but I do have is a workingman’s vision of how to write a book.

Friends and family have asked how I found the time. 

I own several businesses with my wife including a sign company, bed and breakfast, house remodeling and marijuana growing. We travel a great deal and are gone more than we’re home. Many full-time authors only turn out a book a year and I wrote, re-wrote, edited and published Black Friday in less than two years.

I don’t have any sage-like advice for would be riders. I simply know what worked for me. Setting aside two hours a day – every day – and committing to putting the story on paper is how I completed the book. It’s also how I’ve gotten through the first 60,000 words of my upcoming novel; Golgotha.

There were many days when I wrote four hours, or six hours, or longer. There were days when I sat in front of the computer for two hours and only put down a few lines or a few paragraphs. It took about six months to write, read and edit my book for the first time. Then came the hardest part, turning it over to someone else for further edits.

I did enjoy the process and was fascinated how the story flowed and seemed to form before my eyes. I began writing without any idea how the book would end.

If you’re looking to me for wisdom about writing, there’s little I can provide. If you’re looking for encouragement, I can tell you anyone can do what I’ve done. Never give up. Never quit. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t do it.”

If that counts as wisdom, so be it.

I wish everyone the best, if you choose to write a book. There are so many good stories and good ideas floating around in the minds of so many people. The biggest problem is finding the time to transcribe that into a computer or onto paper.

Use every minute of every day.

As I am writing this, I’m driving north on Highway 321 in North Carolina. Since there are only 24 hours in a day and many of those are relegated to other activities, I found it easy to dictate my first drafts. Later, I will read and make changes before posting.

Think about the time you spend in a car, or an airplane, or somewhere else. You could dictate your story; at least the first draft.

Getting published is never a guarantee. But I can promise you won’t publish what you don’t write.

Greg J Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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