Plagued by Work

Recently, I’ve been forced to spend long hours renovating a house. Writing has fallen away to complete the house. Being a cheap S.O.B. and unwilling to spend the money on a contractor, much of the work has been completed by me, my wife, her family and even our four year old grandson. The later demanding to be aloud to help.

This has been my excuse to put down Golgotha. That means no more writing has been done.

It’s amazing how quickly life and consume a day, a week, a month, or longer. But, the house is nearing completion and the computer will come back out on a daily basis to finish editing the novel.

Whether it’s a fear of success, writers block, life, or any of many other excuses, they all boil dow to the same thing – excuses to NOT WRITE. I realize this and try to justify by saying, “I’m at a stopping point.” or “The house has to get done.” but I know procrastination remains at the root.

It’s still hard to make myself take the time to pull out the story and start working.

On November 2, we embark on a short cruise to the Bahamas, where I plan to smoke many cigars and get close to finishing my next novel, Golgotha – Curse of the Crucifixion.

Greg J. Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad
“Never give up on your dreams, or they will give up on you.”

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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