Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Little Tweetsie #12 and Tweetsie Railroad #190 side-by-sideI’ve loved planes, trains and automobiles since I was a child, which my wife says I still am. From radio controlled planes to a full size Smith Mini Biplane and future Piper Cub Replica, from HO scale trains in my basement to G scale in my mother’s garden and now 1.5″ scale live steam in my back yard, from a 1956 Ford and 1985 Honda Prelude to 1964 1/2 and 1965 Mustangs, I love my hobbies.

My grandson is three and loves trains and planes. He hasn’t yet discovered automobiles, although he enjoys Hot Wheels cars  and track. Since he hasn’t seen my latest purchase, the Smith Mini Biplane, his favorite “PopPop Toy” is the train. And, we have a nice one.

Tweetsie Railroad #12

Tweetsie Railroad is an amusement park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. It’s a retired ET&WNC narrow gauge locomotive that began traversing Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina in the 1860s.

Greg J. Gardner Riding Little Tweetsie Dungannon VALittle Tweetsie Railroad is a 1.5″ scale replica of the ET&WNC locomotive, powered by coal, fire, water and steam; like her full size counterpart. Located in our back yard in Banner Elk, NC. Loved by my grandson, we have a fantastic time playing in the back yard.

Eccentric vs. crazy – Perhaps one today and another tomorrow.

I feel like you have to be rich for eccentricity to attach, so that means crazy must still apply. However, I hope you will help change my status. Pre-order Black Friday and help me become eccentric rather than crazy.

I hope you enjoy these ramblings.

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