Greg J. Gardner began writing in high school, when he submitted articles to model train magazine. He was published in several periodicals including his favorite, Garden Railways. But several longer stories have made their way onto paper, under his fingers.

Until recently, the stories remained on paper and in a closet.

At forty-nine, Greg is looking to become a professional author and has published his first novel, Black Friday – An American Jihad. He’s also working on a second, longer novel, Golgotha – Curse of the Crucifixion.

Click the links below to learn more about projects past, present, and future of Greg J. Gardner.

Black Friday – An American Jihad
A terrifyingly realistic look at a terror attack on the heart of America, by a group of misled Islamic Jihadists. From the first shot, at a Walmart in Boone NC to the final outcome months later, it’s scary how realistic this story gets.

Golgotha – Curse of the Crucifixion
It’s not a religious book. As a lapsed Catholic, I attend church on Christmas and when I’ve comitted a sin … I should be at church every day.” It follows Augusts Palermo through a 2000-year struggle with good and evil, providing snippets through history; Ancient Rome, the Dark Ages, and Recent Modern History, until we meet him in present day as a dying billionaire philanthropist still searching for redemption.

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