The Dispatcher

In a world where dog fights are a thing of the past, “Fight Club” becomes a reality, but with hammers and baseball bats. Duels to the death with swords are not uncommon, and the best part of this brave new world is the fact that anyone killed by another person mysteriously vanished and reappear – naked as the day they were born – back at home and in their bed. 

The Dispatcher

In the not too distant future, murder becomes a thing of the past and Tony Valdez is a “Dispatcher” working operating rooms and ERs; murdering patients who are beyond medical help. Resetting them to a few hours before their death and sending them home for another chance at life – or death. 

Get hit by a bus and there’s no need for a trip to the hospital. No need to set those broken bones or risk brain damage. Instead, a bullet to the head sends you home – injury free. 
Tony’s co-worker disappears after jobs for a wealthy client go wrong. Now he’s been dragged back into the questionable world of private dispatch work and Tony teams with a. Detective the questions his intentions and methods. 

The Dispatcher is a thin, quick romp to a seemingly strange world where death no longer holds a he same mystery as in the past. As a novella, we aren’t treated to questions about the religious implications but its a good book, nonetheless; a good and quick read – or listen. 

Greg J. Gardner
Author of Black Friday – An American Jihad
Banner Elk, NC

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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