The Identity Trilogy: Walls, Faces, Angela’s Eyes, & Spirits

Psychological Thriller Series 
by Alex Jones

Alex Jones’ identity trilogy begins with Walls, the first of three psychological thrillers making up The Identity Trilogy. Jones’ insight into the inner conflicts and erotic fantasies of his four main characters opens our eyes to the tragic world of trauma and abuse, its frightening effects on the human mind, and the resiliency and spirit of those who manage to survive.

Psychologist Dan Whitney and his wife Michelle, an emergency room nurse, live an otherwise unspectacular life in suburban Detroit. To help inject some new life back into their marriage, they decide upon a somewhat unconventional resort hotel in Palm Springs as the setting for their romantic getaway. But their plan starts to unravel slowly, almost as soon as they arrive, when they are presented with a series of unexpected roadblocks. All seems lost when mechanical problems suddenly cause their hotel room to be unavailable. Luckily, their vacation is saved at the last minute by Philippe Morel, the hotel’s wealthy and personable owner, who invites them to spend the rest of their vacation at the opulent estate he shares with his enigmatic wife, Francesca.

Here’s our take on each book in the series:

Walls: A daring, razor-sharp psychological thriller that will please fans of both Stieg Larsson and E. L. James. Walls deftly packs in everything readers want in a suspense novel: danger, scorn, betrayal and eroticism, which it delivers in spades.

Faces: A hard-hitting psychological thriller wrapped in romance and eroticism, suspense and keen observations about our public personas.

Spirits: A timely and explosive psychological thriller about sexual power, BDSM, systemic sexual abuse and harassment.

Alex Jones is the author of The Identity Trilogy, a series of psychological thrillers packed full of romance and suspense, featuring psychologist Dan Whitney and the beautiful Francesca Capellini. To date, Alex has released the first two books of the Trilogy, “Walls” and “Faces”, along with a companion Prequel, “Angela’s Eyes”, that links the first two instalments of the trilogy.

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