The Original Varsity – Atlanta

With seating for 800 people, this downtown Atlanta restaurant has been a mainstay since 1928. The Varsity serves more Coke each day than any other single location in the world and

Although I’m on a diet and have lost 30 pounds in the last few months, this is a place that can’t be avoided when visiting Atlanta. We visited here last week and ruined my diet for the week, but it was well worth it.

One of the best-known employees at the Varsity was Erby Walker, who worked there for fifty-five years until he died in 2008. He started at the Varsity at the age of fifteen sweeping floors, and was nearly fired on the first day, but soon graduated to the kitchen. Mr. Walker was noted for his ability to move the service line quickly, especially during the rush period right before a Georgia Tech football game. His signature catchphrase was, “Have your money out and your food on your mind, and I’ll getcha to the game on time!” He retired in 2003, but came back three weeks later. That year Walker was inducted into the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau Hospitality Hall of Fame.

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