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My friend asked me to write a bio. I laughed and asked if he wanted me to be honest. He said, “Yes.”

Who is Greg J. Gardner and what makes him think he can write a good book? He’s a writer, marijuana grower, B&B operator, coffee shop owner, real estate investor, sign installer and general crazy mother—.  He’s worn a lot of hats in the 35 years I’ve known him.  Not all the reputable kind, but certainly not all bad.

A guy who is a deep thinker and lazy enough to lay in bed earning money with pay-per-click advertising rather than working for a living is a guy who can think up some really crazy shit.

Greg grew up in a small town much like the small towns featured in Black Friday.  He learned from the world around him that things aren’t always what they seem.

Football scholarships to a fancy prep school don’t mean better educations for players.  

A teacher who is loved by all his students isn’t infallible and will likely admit it somewhere in the future causing you to question your own judgment of people.

A parent doesn’t live forever.

A fire can destroy everything you have.

A silly yet highly thought out prank can land you in jail.

An adrenaline filled race in a car can take away a license, and a best friend.

Hearts can break. 

Husband, father, grandfather, business owner, chamber of commerce president, cellmate; he has seen more of the country than anyone I know and more of the world than most. From rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon to staring at the world from atop Half Dome in Yosemite, he enjoys the outdoors. From jail cells in Tijuana to Seymour Johnson AFB, Greg has done some interesting things that will be left for another day.

He has poetically lived a nomadic lifestyle and managed to craft the Walmarts and grocery stores and small town police departments into the fabric of Black Friday.

Greg Gardner isn’t your typical writer.  Lazy?  Sure, we all have our days right?  Greg absolutely didn’t write Black Friday to get rich.  Self-publishing authors rarely do.  Having done stints as a real estate investor and trainer, Greg knows how to make a buck.  Black Friday isn’t a story cranked out with some bullshit formula to get another title under his belt or to make the New York Times Best Seller List.

Don’t read the book just because it’s a great story, read the book, because it’s the first of what are sure to be more great stories from a writer with a unique and somewhat twisted view of the world.

Bradley Franks – Clover, SC

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Breakout author of Black Friday - An American Jihad.

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